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Printech Solutions is a national distributor and service provider of world-class Printer and MFD technology. We combine this with decades of experience in the office document copying and printing business to deliver contracted price-per-page print solutions for our customers with best-in-class field service and support.

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As the Managed Print Solutions era evolves, our strategy is to focus on service: specifically, by recognising that some customers will continue to demand simple, hardware-centric solutions acquired transactionally; while others will seek business improvement via a more consultative sales engagement and complementary software implementations; while a relative few will seek the deepest of partnerships by fully outsourcing implementation and management of the enterprise’s print services and/or developing sophisticated systems integrations for security and business process improvement.

We keep abreast of major industry trends and developments affecting our target customers through dialogue that occurs naturally with our OEM partners: Konica Minolta, Imagetech Inc., the manufacturer of Hewlett Packard MFDs; and Hewlett Packard as an Office Printing Solutions specialist within their Premier Business Partner program.

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